Contractual English legalese

Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano; © (2017) Contractual English legalese (1) This article is an updated excerpt from the dissertation “Jack of all trades and master of none” being part of Dr Salvatore Ivan Italiano’s Master’s Degree. Even if the law, as understood by the Latin ius, predates language its meaning is still conveyed by … Continue reading Contractual English legalese

Ad Memoriam del Minibar

Italian rendering from the English by Dr Salvatore Ivan Italiano; © (2017) Premessa - sul volo EasyJet del 17 luglio 2017, da Milano Malpensa in direzione Monaco di Baviera, leggo la dedica accorata di Stuart Heritage che in un articolo della rivista di bordo dedica in onore dell’eroe degli Hotel di tutto il mondo: il … Continue reading Ad Memoriam del Minibar

Erotic Shop & victuals market

By AXEL HACKE, SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MAGAZIN. N. 32 – 11 August 2017. English version from the German by J.D. Ian Barton & Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano; © (2017) What an erotic shop in a victuals (1) market has to do with Donald Trump and the dragging of water bottles ...  I walk from my … Continue reading Erotic Shop & victuals market

Accidents of DALL in Italians!

by J.D. Ian Barton & Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano; © (2017) It is always sad when one has to draw attention to the depletion and deterioration of one’s own native language – in this instance Italian. What am I talking about? Let us get started with a telling example from one scene of the … Continue reading Accidents of DALL in Italians!

The Language of Law. What is it?

Written by J.D. Ian Barton & Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano; © (2017) We would like to share with you some of our professional and personal thoughts surrounding the language of law and legal communication in general. Would we be wrong if we were to say that the law takes account of the very definition … Continue reading The Language of Law. What is it?