BEAUTY? An Unfair Competitive Advantage

Written by Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano; © (2016) Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano

BEAUTY is at the same time both an unfair competitive advantage and a deadly double edged weapon. In the first days of the US Primary Elections Contest an unexpected character made an entrance. We are not talking about Hillary Clinton, as we could have expected, but of the much younger and attractive countenance of the Fox News Television, Megyn Kelly. Her audacity, lightened up by her two shining blue eyes – gift of her Irish father – combined with that Italian attitude bestowed on her by her Mother, of Naples origin, have made Kelly the only interviewer that during GOP on-air debate has cornered the ridiculously head dressed Bully of the Bullies, Donald Trump.

In a nutshell. Kelly questioned The Donald about his statement that women are often disgusting beings. Result: he vacillated and acted out as the offended party. However, we know that She – the beautiful Kelly with more firm character than her male colleagues – cornered him. Result: He – poor Donald – pulled out of the next debate that She would have facilitated. This “Kelly Case” has brought back the spotlight attention on a Million Dollar Question that reemerges with timely precision ever since physical beauty dominated public debates, from politics to entertainment. The issues in question are: does physical BEAUTY count in private and professional life? Given that physical BEAUTY cannot be taught in school, is it an undeserved advantage? The answer is: YES! BEAUTY is an unfair and quantifiable competitive advantage.

I want that BEAUTY! From the first grade desks to the University years, the pretty ones are given better scores, all knowledge being equal. In the Court House?, Those pretty indicted tend to extort far better verdicts from the trial juries. A study research carried out by the Economic Faculty of North Carolina University found that during a 20 year career the beautiful graduates with a Master in Business have earned 20% more than their ugly duckling colleagues. It is percentage that speaks of thousands of dollars.

Furthermore, such a research study warns that only BEAUTIES have much more to lose than others when time and force of gravity make their presence crystal clear. A moral and physical catastrophe tolls for those who have always related just on physical appearance. One can also be a “Super Beauty”, and these intimidates friends, suitors, prospective lovers and spouses that may feel unworthy. Others have even felt their vanity challenged by someone else’s superior vanity. This is called the Greta Garbo Syndrome. Greta, the Celebrity Divine, that lived her wither years as a lonely wolf and without mirrors around her to avoid the very sight of her waning beauty.

BEWARE! Bosses or She-Bosses, could prevent promoting people as one’s BEAUTY is a challenge to their authority and supremacy. This is a telling example of the hellish Dante’s Contrappasso punishment.

Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano
Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano

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