Written by Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano; © (2017) Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano

What’s the point of wine tastings? The short answer is that they are to capture our sensory imagination, stir our senses and create great memories when enjoyed together with friends and beloved ones. In a nutshell, wine tastings can stir our emotions and senses in order to color and even to brighten up our existence.

Chardonnay is truly the most chameleon grape ever because it is crafted for broad appeal and consistency. Its signature is fruit, as it is fruit-driven. Usually in the USA, the Chardonnay Wines are referred to as CHABLIS.

The word “CHABLIS” is simply a joy to be pronounced by my beloved North American Wine Lovers of any kind. Why? Because its name glides alone in a sibilant fashion that’s more a caress than a word – just as the wine itself does in the glass. But in the case of Chardonnay Wines, and to avoid confusion, it is wise to unveil the differences between a ‘Chablis’ and a ‘Burgundy’.

A ‘BURGUNDY’ STYLE CHARDONNAY is not aged in oak and the flavor profile can be described as flinty, minerally and very dry. THE MODERATE STYLE OF CALIFORNIA undergoes an oak barrel contact during fermentation, or aging or both. Therefore, one will flavor that vanilla hint given by the oak itself. THE WARM STYLE of AUSTRALIA instead is all about oak subduing the fruit elements.

One more thing about the confusing lingo of wine tastings … ≠1. Pouilly-Fuissé = Chardonnay; but ≠2. Pouilly-Fumé is the Sauvignon Blanc.

In order to mix up further the mind of consumers Robert Mondavi named his Sauvignon Blanc as Fumé Blanc, in my opinion a deceiving language gimmick to favor his pockets (obviously Robert Mondavi is a bright business man but hardly a professional linguist).

On the contrary the Common Sauvignon Blanc features are a bracing acidity, raciness and verve. Sauvignon Blanc is the middle-class Cachet of those wine lovers – especially women that look for a lean wine style as somehow to equate it with a leaner physique and great finesse.

You can pair your CHARDONNAY with smoked fish and Somerset Cheddar, whereas your Sauvignon Blanc with Asparagus – if you are rich enough – otherwise try it with Salads dressed in lemony vinaigrette.

One final question for you: If you have to choose between drinking wine every day or being skinny which would you choose? Red or white?

Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano
Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano

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