Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano
Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano

The street-smart business training I have received has been forged and executed on the streets of many a United States City and before demographics of any sort – from peddlers to pretentious aristocrats.

I do consider myself, first and foremost, a business person fed with sales pitches techniques, and public speaking strategies. That is the very background upon which I have weaved two academic degrees – a Master’s Degree in Simultaneous Conference Interpretation and Translation and a BA Degree in language mediation along with three officially recognized CEFR European Language Certificates.

My personal skills and abilities as a literary translator and transcreation, instead, have been already confirmed with the publishing of some of my works both in the domain of literature and Social Media Videos.


– Literary and Legal Translation Techniques.
– International Linguistics for Social-Media Communication.
– Advanced Techniques of sight translation.
– Transcreation.


Intercultural Communication Awareness can play a big difference in the make-or-break moments of any business negotiations, and especially in the today Global Market. When it comes to global business – that is Intercultural Communication – even the subtlest actions can sometimes speak louder than words. Simple gestures such as making direct eye contact or even smiling broadly – things that are commonplace in many cultures – can be interpreted differently in other countries and have the potential to harm a budding business relationship.

TransCreation deals with words, emotions, and nuances. Every given book has its own character who needs to beguile readers so that they wish to read the next in the series. TransCreation takes over where technocrat translators are at a stalemate, taking you on your own private journey to the very heart of the story. If you are not taken there you won’t be able to hear its – of the book – beating heart. And the desire to know what happens to the Characters whose attention has grabbed your imagination.