Dark Fantasy & Paranormal Romance

Written by Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano; © (2017) Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano

This article begins to explore the Love Stories of the mismatched (1) couples such as Vampires and Werewolves and related Love Stories of all the possible lovely monsters inhabiting any possible Dark Fantasy and Paranormal Planet.

Taking stock of the main and known Characters of the classical literature – such in La morte amoureuse (T. Gautier) and Dracula (B. Stoker) – we find out that the plot constantly revolves around a “Being” who doesn’t belong anymore to our time – that being is a ghost, a specter, a zombie etc. – however, striving to come together and live together with a human. All of this in the name of Love and regardless of the various difficulties, social norms put in question or dangerous events triggered by such lust.

What are, at first glance, the two powerful takeaways out of it?

1. Love challenges any kind of social convention or conventional definition of it (the love between a human and a non-human).

2. Love wins over Death too. There’s the opportunity for the anguished and tormented non-humans to pierce the confine between the here and the hereafter. Is such a thing ever attainable for us – the readers?

Love, however, is not the only human passion still harboring in the very core of the non-human impalpable and transcendent (2) Specters and Ghosts. In the Sixth Sense (M. Night Shyamalan) and The Others (Alejandro Amenábar) movies, for instance, some errant and distraught souls wander aimlessly in the quest for liberation or vengeance.

And Love, yes! It’s so free of boundaries in the dark and paranormal Planets that even rape and violation have their charm – but the Characters of dead until dark are anyway besieged by feelings of guilt and remorse – have you thought about an echo of catholic sense of guilt?

Now ? I asked, my voice ragged and shaking […] Oh, yes, he said, and then he was on top of me. […] I held my breath. I bit my lip. […] I feel Bill’s teeth against my neck, […] and as he came inside me I felt him draw on the little wound … « In answer, Jack sunk his fangs into the base of her neck, and Schuyler bit her lip at the sudden intrusion. She had not expected it to hurt so much. […] She had never felt closer to Jack in her life » (3).

Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano
Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano

(1) [I’d have preferred to apply the French adjective désassorti for better describing this kind of doomed Love Relationships]

(2) In the Italian language a good translation should read: immateriali … (Spettri e fantasmi impalpabili ed immateriali).

(3) (Dead Until Dark: True Blood, Berkley Publishing group, Ace book, New York, 2001).