It stinks to the heavens!

By Dominik Laska; Mittwoch, 9. August 2017. TagesZeitung; Pag. 2;
English version from the German by J.D. Ian Barton & Dr Salvatore Ivan Italiano;
© (2017)

The car manufacturers are now offering bonuses whereby you can scrap your stinking old diesel and buy a new model. For example 5,000 Euros for a new Golf. Are the manufacturers finally to meet the needs of the customers?

Do any of them wish to make an atonement? Not at all! Then, what in the first instance appears to be a tempting offer is, when closely observed, a well calculated commercial strategy.

The corporate groups, once again, take the rabbit out of the marketing tricks hat. These are discounts under the guise of environmental protection. Obviously, the primary intent with these bonuses is to ban the old bangers from the streets and to further reduce the emission levels. Mind you: whoever wants to use the bonus must buy a new vehicle with Euro-6-Norm.

Now, no one wants to place the car industry under general suspicion, but have readings taken in the real economy, not in a few instances exceeded the quota limits imposed?

Furthermore, an old model replaced by a new is, in all fairness, a rather old hat. 

Until today this has been called trade in value, now the diesel-ticket will be played out for creating new incentives to buy.  Here the manufacturers merely try to avoid losses. The only positive thing: the added bonus for alternative impetuses such as hybrid and electric engines.

Apart from this, the environmental costs raise as much stink as the thousands of diesel vehicles on our roads.

Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano
Dr Salvatore Ivan Italiano

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