Language Colonialism

Written by Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano; © (2017) Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano

I do love the French language as well as my own native Italian, but there is a special reason I love French people even more, or better: I love the Francophile ones. They don’t allow their minds to be poisoned and farmed (1) by the English Language Colonizers, and I have to report, for the record, that even some Italians do have a certain degree of social consciousness and consciousness of class. For instance, the Italian Professor Angelo Baglioni finally offers the proper Italian translation for the ubiquitous Quantitative Easing (QE for Mario Draghi’s closest friends), which is rendered with allentamento quantitativo (2).

M.C. (3), a French columnist of Le Monde, thank you M.C! Instead, renders it with the French Assouplissement quantitative and Pierre-Yves Gomez goes even further offering accroche narrative replacing that loathsome Storytelling – Drehbucherstellung in German. What is interesting to notice, however, is the fact that most of those who spell words such as Storytelling, Quantitative Easing and so on … do it in the boastful attempt to appear cool!!! But there’s nothing cool in them but a certain cooling down of their intellect!

This is just the introduction of a section where it will be reported how the Spaghetti English of many a legal counsel, whose English is not their main language, in France, Italy and Germany will make them appear as pettifoggers (4) instead of professionals. I may appear terribly snooty, yes I am, but I do have to thank both my Sicilian aversion and intolerance for any improper display of elocution by professional, as well as this globalization attempt to standardize the human thinking and stream of thoughts.

Let’s take the English verb ‘to spell’, for instance. I cannot find a person, even between the most educated ones, who knows how to translate it properly into German, Italian and French. How is it possible such a thing when those languages do have exactly their equivalents in meaning? Haven’t they, at any Western University, made us enough sick with the debatable theory of equivalence?

What’s the reason of such oblivion from educated people whose first duty should be to defend their national pride reflected in their language and linguistic heritage? How is possible that even among precise (fleißigen) Germans, the genitive, which is part of the identity of their language, is not, even taken into consideration?

I think it’s time to point some fingers and dig out some culprits … we need it, as there is always a need for culprits to wash out our guilt!

Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano
Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano

(1) Yes! I have here applied the verb to farm. In fact, a great amount of Italians, Germans, and French senselessness could derive from the fact that they freely offered their brains as a place for breeding and growing some English words uselessness, which does not generate anything useful to their stream of thoughts and thinking … on the contrary, it dumps them down. 

(2) Prof. Angelo Baglioni sul venerdì di repubblica del 13 novembre 2015 a pag. 53.

(3) M.C. – Le Monde, vendredi 7 Juillet 2017. 

(4) The precise Italian translation of the English word ‘pettifogger’ is ‘leguleio‘. 

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