Lawinwords is an international communication bureau with a focus upon the legal, commercial, literary and political sectors. It provides social-media communication solutions, translation, and simultaneous interpreting services into quality English.

Lawinwords is not a translation service agency and does not subcontract its workload whereby translations are produced not by qualified professionals but by students or people lacking suitable academic credentials and practical experience.

Legal translation in English, simultaneous interpretation and Social Media Communication Management require a high level of competence and accuracy within a multi-interdisciplinary framework. In view of this, Lawinwords rejects any request for bid and third party attempts to so engage Lawinwords are declined in advance. 

Ian Barton and Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano are the academically qualified and experienced proprietors of Lawinwords and take charge of the services provided. We do not subcontract our business to third parties and neither do we send our clients’ confidential documents and privileged corporate information to third party translation agencies which in many cases operate from jurisdictions where the rule of law is weak and where scant regard is paid to working conditions.

The protection of clients’ assets and intellectual property is of paramount importance. Therefore, Lawinwords does adhere to total confidentiality and this is closely monitored to ensure compliance. When required, it is signed specific non-disclosure agreements for sensitive material such as contracts and negotiations for mergers and acquisitions. All data is transmitted by secure means and held in accordance with data protection requirements.

Consider this: how can a business purporting to offer translations claim to have a pool of 274,617 translators and be able to give assurances to its clients that every translator is vetted for academic competence and security clearance? Who will have access to your documents and to your confidential information? Can you retain the services of such an agency and be confident that paying less is not a false economy?


Sincerely Yours, 
J.D. Ian Barton & Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano


All the material published on this website is unless otherwise stated, subject to the copyright of Dr Salvatore Ivan Italiano and Ian Barton – Lawinwordsblog: making copies in the file, print or any other mode is prohibited subject to statutory provisions.

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This excludes temporary copies necessary for purely technical reasons while viewing the website. The translations and other documents included in this site were prepared to assist our website visitors and subscribers interested in legal translation and its related intellectual domains – Simultaneous Interpreting Strategy Tips, TransCreation, General Translation, possible legal comments and articles.

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The collection makes no claim of being either complete or current, and should not be relied upon as the basis of a legal opinion or course of action without careful review of currently applicable authority. Law changes rapidly. Cases and statutes may be modified, abrogated, overruled, or interpreted in a way that makes the posted legal literature out-of-date and legally incorrect.

The translations have been made by specialists in the field. There has been no attempt to create a uniform terminology or style throughout. In rendering the texts into English, the emphasis has been on readability, which means that the texts reproduced here could be described as ‘TransCreation’.