Re-boot! What does this mean?

Written by J.D. Ian Barton & Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano;
© (2017)

There is a psychological tendency generated by greed and lack of creativity which results in the actual creation of deceptive words. Lately, I have quibbled over and again about terms fashionable in movie circles. An example is – “re-boot!” Many of the moribund horror films – and for much of the time their demise is well deserved – are now being remade and, to give them a semblance of style, some producers have cunningly given this process a new name – re-boot!

Here, instead, I will suggest a possible definition of the meaning of such a word: re-boot = tired old movies! That is, the meaning of re-boot has nothing to do both with creativity and modernity. It is just the nameplate posted by film producers to make money without having to pay creative people. It boils down to that. It is easy, is it not? Especially in the horror genre – I know this as I have been reading and watching all types of horror material since the 1980s – and there is not much original going on, so they go back to the old piles to see what worked.

Incidentally, why has ‘Children of the Corn’ has not yet been re-booted? And is there a further reason, beyond a lack of creativity, why no new horror films are out there? Do not worry, I have a possible explanation for this.

Our current existence is arguably already too much of a horror movie. For example, have you noticed that taking a solitary stroll has become socially unacceptable? When you walk alone through your city alleys and streets you are automatically perceived to be a criminal or peculiar at the least. Only a dog walker can carry off this rite of passage without being made to feel awkward. No dog? You must be either a pervert or a weirdo.

Are you up for another horror scene? Have you ever been in those coffee shops frequented by middle-class mothers who are perpetually on a new diet, with different dietary requirements each week, and with their demon children who are now considered not to be nasty spoiled brats, but merely expressing themselves?

It is at this point that I recall the third stage in the final act of certain horror films that typically involve a vicious diatribe from some wretched shrew who has been served sandwiches together with a vanilla latte. Last week it was about the appalling lack of gluten and dairy free options, as the £7.50 per hour, bartenders call the shots on the company’s menus, followed by a deadly serious vow never to return (and you only wish this were true). Then finally, quiet descends as you clear up for the fourth time in an hour and a half her revolting child’s spilled soya baby cappuccino (they always stay so long!). And every day is a sequel!!!

Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano
Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano

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