Spelling Problems are Money Problems

Dear Lawinwords, 

I am frustrated and I do not really know what to do. Many years ago, when Social Media Communication was not so widespread, I hired a Communication Manager that has worked flawlessly for almost a decade. During the last two years, however, given the increasing needs of on-line advertising and updates to be posted on our company social media accounts I have noticed that my Communication Manager writing is not so flawless.

I don’t know what to do, I am frustrated, I don’t want to offend anyone but this problem has started to destroy our clients’ trust and contracts of business with them.

A Frustrated Business Owner

It is known that the very foundation both of dialogue and communication revolves around one’s culture language. Languages from their part have been set with a series of guidelines – grammar, spelling and syntax rules – to give us the opportunity of conveying our messages in a crystal clear modality. Therefore: to meat is not to meet; Discreet is not discrete; This and that cannot be dis and dat … and the third person of a present tense requires “S” … otherwise, you will have conveyed a different ‘situation’ probably not in existence.

Questions … 

What could we think of those who claim they wouldn’t have time for grammar and syntax? Would you ever hire a lawyer whose writing and speaking are full of apparent grammar mistakes and syntax errors?

If you think language rules as a trivial and hogwash affair, then you shouldn’t be wondering why a jury would slap you against some bars Jail. They – the jurors in question – could not see you were innocent through the closing argument of the lawyer you hired … his words were jammed with disconnected quantifiers.

On the other hand, when one’s claims to have painstakingly created a flawless product but online narratives and statement Ads show grammar mistakes that contradict and deny the absence of flaws in his writing – and by the magic of induction will be also clear that those products are everything but flawless … well, no wonder why one’s market profit go south.

Possible Solutions:

1. Create an In-Venue Company Grammar and Syntax Course, and make sure that everyone will attend it (you avoid to confront directly the person in question).

2. Introduce a writing contest in your company, and prize the best writer with the new well-paid task of writing properly for you (you will get rid of the shabby writer as he/she will not get through the contest – for sure).

3. The Trump’s Solution: Fire that person!

Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano

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