About The Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi

Divine Pictures and Feast

Written by Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano; © (2017) Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano
Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano has worked as personal translator and simultaneous interpreter for Gualtiero Marchesi.  


Maestro Marchesi & Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano. Palm Beach Event.

Just like many Roman paintings, Gualtiero Marchesi’s cooking depicts game, fish, eggs, cheese, fruit, vegetables and mushrooms as objects which deserve to be shown independently and self-sufficiently on your favorite china, plates, and crockery. We imagine purely decorative brimming carafes of wines … L’Oro – il Nero – L’Aperto.  

Gualtiero Marchesi’s wines as xénia –the ancient Greek word for gifts of hospitality – just for you here. His philosophy of “simplicity” transforms each gastronomic journey into tasty pictorial compositions and today that philosophy itself has funneled grapes into precious wine conceived with fastidious attention combining various natural grapes.

Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano; Gualtiero Marchesi; Mr. Opici Florida Distribution.


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Questo mio POST di oggi vuole essere un grazie accorato alla lingua inglese che mi ha permesso di lavorare e conoscere personalmente il Gran Maestro dell’arte culinaria italiana: Gualtiero Marchesi.