Instead of hiring new people with a narrow skill set to meet a temporary need, you can strengthen your competitive advantage embedding to your company the additional features of Lawinwords.

In so doing , your company is empowered with a superior workforce capable of responding to new competitive threats and capitalizing on new opportunities in the English, Italian and German speaking countries. If you want to be disruptive, Lawinwords is your state-of-the-art weapon. 

Future growth and profitability are highly dependent upon increasing sales and market share within rapidly growing multicultural demographics segments at home and in foreign countries. What when, and your company has experienced it, your people are not able to communicate effectively with the customers of other languages?

The Main Reasons of ‘WHY US’

Main Reason 1. Significant financial savings: Lawinwords will mitigate the financial burden currently upon you imposed by the on-going need to train your staff. In order to remain effective, in house Social-Media Managers, translators and interpreters must be consistently employed and must undergo continuing training.

Main Reason 2. The reduction of internal conflict: Commercial output and efficiency can be rapidly undermined by conflict between co-workers. This situation can arise when the in house staff possess superior qualifications and credentials to their line managers who are as a result less able to effectively supervise the work of the staff members. Experience shows that this scenario arises all too often and has a negative impact on the performance of a business.

Main Reason 3. Remote web content management: Lawinwords develops a host of tactics and strategies. In addition to writing, editing and proof reading the content of websites, blogs, and social-media pages, Lawinwords takes care of the continuing need for content review and for search engine optimization. Not to mention the target-market proper rendering in English, German and Italian.

Main Reason 4. Five specialists in one: Is your business realistically able to defray the cost of retaining- A Solicitor (England & Wales); An Attorney at Law (New York);  A simultaneous interpreter; A translator; An International Communication Expert? 

Here below, a Video Sample of our work in International Communication

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